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You laugh at my OtterBox Utility Series, but it works!

April 10, 2013

People have laughed at my OtterBox Utility Series Latch, (I admit it, I did too when I saw all the “stuff” in its little pouch), but the past two days I have been truly appreciative of this iPad accessory.  One of my colleagues loaned me her OtterBox Utility Series Latch to try out one weekend. I used it and thought it was cool enough (is the translation “nerdy enough”?) to purchase one for myself.  I had been using it mainly for the fact I could strap it on my hand and not be too concerned about dropping it.  I had taken the Latch off one weekend and forgot to put it back on before work. As I wandered my classroom working with students, I noticed its absence mainly because I would put the iPad down on one student’s desk, meander to help another and wonder where it had gone.

What’s in the pouch?  It holds the neck strap (OtterBox calls it a lanyard, but I think beck strap sounds more durable), S-hook (still not really sure what to use that for), rain cover and adjustable elastic strap (haven’t used that yet either).  The pouch can be attached to the cover so you have a stand to angle your iPad with when you do set it down.

This week was where I truly gained an appreciation for a feature I thought I would never use.  I had laughed at the neck strap when I first saw it thinking “What NERD would wear that in public?!”  However, we were in the school ecology center for two days this week and WOW! did it ever come in handy.  I was able to throw the iPad around my neck, grab it to take photos as I needed, but also easily have my hands free to point items out to my students or pick things up and show them.  Sure, I looked a little nerdy, but I’ve been that way all my life. 😉

Otter Box Case


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