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Welcome to the blog of a middle school Agriscience teacher who is the classroom iPad Pilot for her building. In March 2012, I became one of 25 iPad pilot teachers in the district. In September 2012, my class set of iPads arrived with a good luck wish. I have stayed close to my tweeps to get ideas and tried to soak up all the information I can to help my students get the maximum educational benefit out of it.

Agricultural Educator by Choice and showing off my Tagged to Teach Ag sign in the gardens of Notre Dame in Paris – Summer 2012

You can find me on Twitter @rcmclean and LinkedIn

In addition to my iPad focused blog, I’ve started a blog with my reflections on education in general and other classroom experiences – McTeaching Ag

Of course, if you are an Agricultural Educator, feel free to visit and collaborate in the Middle School Community I facilitate on the National Association of Agricultural Educators’ Communities of Practice.


  1. I would like to follow your blog. Have you set it up with RSS or do you link it to post on twitter so that I chould follow you? I’m an educator/administrator working towards a doctorate of Education. I’m passionate about instructional technology and integration.

    • I wish I knew how to set it up as an RSS feed. If you could share a tutorial on that, I would. I do share them out on Twitter when I post. I am @rcmclean

    • I think I added a widget to the site that now allows a follow of the blog.

  2. If you need a break from the farm….or classroom…come visit, Please? 🙂

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