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Getting Back in the Groove – I Hope

January 4, 2014

This school year, I have been pretty lax with my iPad related blogging. Let’s be real. I haven’t done it at all. I started the school year with a crushed spirit. The work I had done during the previous year creating lessons and activities which would integrate the iPad meaningfully into my 7th grade course essentially became for naught as the classroom the iPads were in was not the classroom I would be allowed to teach in when I had my 7th grade students. Sure, the iPads are on a cart, but the thought of regularly moving them from the room they were in to the room I was assigned to teach 7th grade in and then back to the room they came from where I teach the rest of the day just seemed overwhelming on top of all the mandated evaluation paperwork that the changing scene of education dumped on teaching professionals.  Additionally, another teacher was assigned to the classroom the iPads are in during the period of the day when I have prep time. This had been a time when I would update the iPads, organize new apps, make sure that the ipads were in working order without issue and generally perform the minute maintenance that keeps them running efficiently and effectively in a shared setting.  Without that, I have discovered there are frequent challenges my students have experienced this year with the iPad and frustrations I often face which makes me not want to use them as frequently.

Should I be grateful I have a class set of iPads? Yes and I am. Should I get over the fact that others using the iPad might not exact the same concern I have for their well-being and maintenance? I am trying.  So, with that in mind, I’m attempting to strike a better start in 2014 and get back to blogging about the successes of having a classroom set of  iPads. Wish me luck and if you haven’t seen an iPad blog in a bit, feel free to let me know.

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