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Introducing the Student Teacher to Nearpod

February 13, 2014

I have really come to enjoy using Nearpod in my instruction. I think there would be many more opportunities to use it if iPads were 1-to-1 and I didn’t lose time having to have them get them out, log on to our surf nanny, and then log off the surf nanny and put them away after each use, but I digress.  My students seem to like it too as it provides interaction with the content (polls, quizzes, write and answer, draw) in addition to taking notes.

I use it mainly in my Curriculum for Agricultural Science Introduction to Agriculture Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) course.  It’s a yearlong class and students are therefore more in tune to the “iPad routine.” Usually, I take the Powerpoints provided through CASE and just adapt them to save as a pdf file, upload to nearpod and then add the interactives.  Currently I have a student teacher and two classes of AFNR so our strategy is that I teach and model the first class and she does the second class. This week, we use Nearpod to start our Living in Harmony lesson through ecology notes.

I sent the presentation to her in advance of the class so she could have the opportunity to view it. (And have promptly forgotten how I did it, but you can see it as a “homework” )For the first class, I had her using a student iPad to see what the students saw and would go over to her with the teacher iPad and explain what I was doing.  When I “set her free” with the second class, I said that I was there if she had challenges but to try her best.  The results were a success. I wasn’t needed.  I look forward to seeing what Nearpods she might create on her own.

BR Nearpod


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