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Getting Organized (and back on the blogging track) with Wunderlist

April 5, 2013

I’ve had a ton of ideas I could/ should be blogging about related to the iPad classroom experience.  Of course, thanks to the gentle reminder of a friend about blogging consistently, I realize that I haven’t posted an I’m a Mc: IBlog post in nearly two months. Not exactly consistent!  So, it seems like the best place to restart blogging would be with an app that has helped me keep on track for other “To Do” items and can maybe keep me on track with blogging consistently – Wunderlist.

So what does Wunderlist do?

First, it synchronizes across devices. That is a great feature as I can enter, edit, and view items from apps on my iPhone and iPad or the website on my desktop/ laptop computer.


The synchronization is critical to me, but it has several other helpful features. They include:

  • Repeat – If you have a task you are regularly doing (preparing lesson plans, participating in a Twitter chat, writing a blog), you have the option of having daily, weekly, monthly or even annual reminders.
  • Reminders – You can set reminders to get sent to you email, appear on your notices or just be present within the app
  • Subtasks – This is a relatively new feature to Wunderlist which I have discovered works well for my blog ideas. You can list smaller components within a major task and check them off as you go.
  • Categories – You can add, edit and share task categories
  • And a ton of features I haven’t full explored including notes within a task, inviting others to join a task, and adding tasks via email

And did I mention it’s FREE!


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