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I love Nearpod’s Draw It Feature and so do my students!

June 1, 2013

Seventh grade Agriscience is currently in their Animal Science Unit. Part of the unit includes ways we use animals. Thanks to the class iPad set and Nearpod, I begin this section of the lesson with a Draw It prompt “Draw or write a way you can think of that humans use animals.” Then I set the timer  app for 3 minutes and tell them when they hear the elephant (I love the fact I can set different sounds for the timer) they need to hit submit.  I share and discuss some of their contributions before we move on to taking some notes on the topic.

My biggest disappointment with this is that sometimes one student’s iPad will freeze on an image and they will need to look at a neighbors tablet to see items as we move forward in the share session. Some of my students wished there were more colors (brown and when we are in plant science green) to choose from in the palette.

The awesome part for me as a teacher is that reports from the activity are available on my account and there are several ways to download them.  Here are some of the responses they came up with.

I was really impressed with the artistry of this first batch, especially considering they were working without a stylus and just their fingers. Plus, with the exception of the milk image, they thought outside of the traditional food and clothing use which generally comes to mind first.Uses of Animals MP 4 2013 Part 2

In this next batch, you can see why I discourage them from using the yellow option in words. It can be hard to see. I love the diversity that comes through with this method of getting students connected to learning.  Wonder why the seeing eye dog has a plane and parachutist with it? I did and asked. It’s because he had three minutes and wanted to keep drawing until time was up.

Uses of Animals MP 4 2013

And of course, the ever popular BACON! (Interesting looking pig in the upper right image, isn’t it?)

Uses of Animals Bacon

  1. Now Nearpod’s Draw It feature has the ability for a student to submit a picture from the photo gallery or using the built-in camera!

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