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Testing: What apps make it easy? Socrative, Edmodo and Nearpod

May 18, 2013

I received an email from an agricultural education colleague in another district inquiring about potential iPad testing apps to to use which also handle scoring. I figured rather than just send her an email, I’d share the three apps I use for assessment purposes with pros and cons of each. All I mention are FREE.


Socrative bills itself as the “smart student response system” and it is.  Quizzes can be multiple choice and short answer.  Once the quiz is completed, you email yourself the report which has the total number of correct multiple choice questions indicated, correct answers highlighted in green and wrong answers highlighted in red, and the short answer replies in white cells.


  • Students don’t need an account, they simply enter the “Room Number” (which teachers can custom create) when the teacher has the activity open.
  • Easy to create a quiz and you can even use their excel template to create a quiz then import it into the app
  • Changing order of questions is easy
  • Can share quizzes with other teachers


  • You can’t add images to questions
  • Students have to do questions in order. They can’t skip a question and return.
  • Explanations can be given after the question (I see this as a disadvantage as I have wanted to add a hint prior to students answering a question, not after)

Note:  In addition to full length quizzes, other options on Socrative include single question activities, pre-quizzes, exit tickets and a feature called “space race.” However, I have never used those features as I have a classroom set of iPads and it is not time efficient to use these features. If I were in a one-to-one district, I could see regular use of these features.


One of the many features of edmodo is that quizzes can be administered through it.  Questions can be short answer, fill in, multiple choice and matching. Pictures can be added to quiz questions. Everything except for short answer questions are automatically scored. Then as you evaluate the short answer, edmodo continues to add to the score.  Options can be set to randomize the order of quiz questions and students can see their results (other than the short answer) immediately.  edmodo also lets students know if they haven’t completed all questions before the click the final submission option. Time limits can be set for the quizzes as well.


  • Fairly intuitive to create
  • If similar questions are used, you can load previously typed questions and edit them
  • Quizzes can be modified for different abilities and then assigned to different small groups you have created.
  • The final grade is computed for you
  • Short answer questions can be scored with partial credit.
  • You can schedule, in hour increments, the time that the quiz goes “live”


  • Pictures are not that easy to see and use within the app plus if you save with a name (ex. “anther”) and then ask students to identify the part in the picture, the file name appears thereby giving away the answer
  • I’ve experienced the quiz sometimes restarting mid-quiz on students
  • Students need to set up an account and join your class/ group if you have not used edmodo previously with them


I have not fully worked with Nearpod as a unit quiz based tool but have done quick reviews at the end of lessons with it. Therefore I have not explored the full scope of pros and cons. So far, my experiences have revealed:


  • Students need only enter a pin to access the content
  • Fairly easy to create quizzes
  • Can include photos or images
  • Options for multiple question types
  • Final report on quiz can be received in PDF or spreadsheet format


  • If more than 4 options for a multiple choice questions, students may not realize to scroll down on screen to see additional options

Not truly a con, but a word of advice: If multiple classes use an iPad and you go to use the lesson again, it is critical to make sure that you start a new session. Otherwise, the former users responses might be saved on the iPad and influence future users choice.

What quizzing apps have you found to be an asset in your classroom?


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  1. Amanda R-_ permalink

    Thank you so much for this review! I am finding it very helpful for evaluating quiz software.

  2. You can add images to Socrative Quizzes. All you have to do is update your Teacher profile!

    Learn more here

    Ben – Socrative

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