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Using apps to illustrate plant changes

May 6, 2013

Pothos Change CompositesFour days of last week were comprised of the state mandated Assessment of Skills and Knowledge. What did I do on day five, a full “normal” day? I engaged my students’ creativity but had them apply it to a semester long project we have been documenting. Since February 5 they have been observing and recording data about the root growth of a Pothos stem cutting.  On April 15, if they desired, they had the option to remove the Pothos from the same setting everyone in class had, a bottle of water, and alter their lab.

Friday, they had to use their iPads to create an image that included:

  • a picture of their Pothos pre-April 15 and the date
  • a picture of the plant on Friday
  • a brief description of the changes they had noted
  • any other information they thought would enhance their visual

Students were given the option to use Tiled, PicCollage or FrameLens (Note: These apps were all free at the time I downloaded them to the class iPads, but Tiled ($0.99) and FrameLens ($1.99) now cost) Essentially students were told to play until they found something that worked for them and the data they wanted to convey. The challenge was that I gave them only 21 minutes to come up with their creation before emailing it to me so we could close class with a Pothos Progress Share. I was quite happy with some of the results.

Pothos changes

Others left out a key element of the requirements, including one I share here, however I admire their creativity.

Some creativity

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