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Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Generic iPad Gmail

January 19, 2013

I’ve had a classroom set of iPads since early October and have been finding ways to integrate them into my teaching. My biggest frustration has been the fact that once work is created there needs to be a way to get it to me to assess. Not all apps easily have ways to load content to Edmodo. Some of the picture based apps I used to summarize ideas didn’t really have a way to load at all. Many of the apps I used had email options, but since it isn’t a 1-to-1 system, no email is set up.

Inspiration finally struck at the start of this week. What if I created a gmail account for use on all the iPads. I set it up and tried it on one iPad. It worked! So, I worked through the whole class set of iPads to set up the gmail on each one. As I set it up, I used the iPad number as the first name and left the last name blank.

This week, my 7th graders were using HaikuDeck for an activity and some of my 8th graders were using Animoto, ExplainEverything, PicCollage, and HaikuDeck for a project they had. The generic gmail system worked! As students sent me a project, I had them include their name and class period in the subject line. Plus, when a student said they emailed a project but I didn’t have it, I could open up the gmail account on my desktop computer, check the sent folder and see the error. (Both times, the students had misspelled my name)

Sometimes I have to wonder why simple inspirations to improve like this take so long to come.


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  1. I had that set up from day one and was soooo helpful. I was honestly worried that kids were going to cyberbully or spam with the mail account on there, but I have had zero issues since January 2012 (when I got my iPads) and have enjoyed all of the benefits you mention.

    Always nice when the students pleasantly surprise us. šŸ™‚

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