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NatureTap – My students explored the app

December 16, 2012

Recently, I knew my students would be finishing their quizzes at different times so I encouraged them to bring in earphones so they could use an app on the class set of iPads. Those without their earphones were creative enough to find ways they could use the app sound free.  I directed them to the free version of NatureTap by Green Mountain Digital that I had installed on the iPads and told them they could explore it in any way they wanted.


Here is some of what I saw:

A) Searching birds based on color (a feature of the app) and then pulling index cards out to take notes on the species

B) Playing the slide tile puzzles and then learning over to their classmates to show them the puzzle they did and see if they could beat their time

C) Listening to bird sounds in the sound game to see if they could identify them

D) Identifying birds in the photo quiz and calling me over when they had reached 25 correct in a row

E) Taking the memory challenge


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One Comment
  1. If you want your students to have access to just one app, you can set Guided Access so they can’t be surfing the Internet or checking their FaceBook accounts. Go to Settings – General- Guided Access

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