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Yeah for ExplainEverything’s Ability to work offline!

November 3, 2012

Last week, my 8th graders started a project to conclude the Environmental Science Unit and draw connections between what we had learned and the Ecology Center iPad Scavenger Hunt we started the unit with. Then Hurricane Sandy hit. We were out of school for several days and when we returned, the school’s internet was down. Yeah for ExplainEverything though. First since it was a multi-day project on shared iPads students were able to save their projects. More importantly for having the lesson go on, the app could be used (photos added, text typed, slides created) without having to be connected to the wifi. It allowed a sense of normalcy to return to instruction.


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  1. Awesome – so wonderful when great plans are NOT disrupted. Did you know that ExplainEverything would be okay, or did you just discover it when you returned?

    • When I was at home and tried to access school email without success I realized the school network might have issues. I had my school issued teacher iPad at home so I shut the wireless off on it and opened ExplainEverything to see if I could access and edit the projects. I wanted to make sure if it didn’t work I had another plan as I figured coming back post-Sandy would be chaotic enough.

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