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I’m becoming a Nearpod Junkie – Ways we use animals

October 26, 2012

Maybe I wouldn’t be becoming such a Nearpod junkie if my students didn’t tell me they “Love to take notes this way” or that they “think we should take notes like this more often.” Really, I can’t make this up!

We’re in our Animal Science unit now and we started out with some notes on terms (What do you call male, female, offspring, meat, etc.) Students knew that after each species they would get a question and answer or poll to check their knowledge of one of the items discussed. They actually were wondering what would be next.

Today was truly neat though. I decided to use the draw feature of Nearpod for an interest approach to “Uses of Animals.” Their screen opened up to a slide that said “What is one thing you can think of that we use animals for? You may draw a picture or write a phrase.” Sure, I got a lot of food responses, but some other great replies. I took screen shots of some so I could share with you.

How awesome are they? I shared several out to the class and discussed how they connected to ways we use animals. Then I began to work through the slides with notes. We ended with a poll on their favorite way to use animals.


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