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Who Am I? via ShowMe

October 6, 2012

I’m continuing to find ways to infuse the iPads into classroom instruction. (I guess since I was given a class set to pilot that’s my purpose right now.)

This week, the CASE Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources class was completing an activity called “Who Am I?” As an extension of Part 1 where they identify proudest accomplishments, strengths, and weaknesses, I had them create a “ShowMe” that highlights those areas and has a narration. Knowing I was going to use ShowMe eventually, I had already set up student accounts under my teacher account.

With 10 minutes left before class started, I realized that although I had the criteria for their ShowMe outlined, it might be beneficial to see an example. So, I quickly put one together using my mock student (Leslie Applegate) account I created. Thank goodness it was my prep period. You can see it here. As I watched my students watching the example, I realized that I had become “more human” to them through revealing some of my strengths and weaknesses.

Here are my initial observations of likes and dislikes with the ShowMe app.


  • IT’S FREE!
  • Having student accounts is a great asset. When a student finishes recording their ShowMe, I get a note as a teacher. It reads “Your student Leslie Applegate just posted a ShowMe! You can see it (and share it) here:________” (The blank line includes the link to the site.)
  • Setting up the student accounts provides a measure of security for your students. If they are under 13, there is a feature to indicate that so when their post appears, it reads “name hidden.”
  • There is a decent assortment of images from the web when you choose “Search Images on Web” and they are different than what you might get searching the same term on Google Images.
  • The fairly intuitive features.
  • The “ShowMe” How-To is helpful.


  • All of the student accounts you created appear as “followers.” I would love not to have to go back to the emails with the link and just be able to click on their name to see their work. Unfortunately, even for the teacher, the students all show up as (name hidden) if they are under 13. I end up with a list of essential no names and if they don’t have anything identifying them on their work, that is a real disadvantage.
  • You can’t re-record if you make an error. I had encouraged them to script out what they were saying, but not all did. Plus, some outside noises occured as recordings were happening. Since we were not creating a ShowMe that demonstrated a process, our work around was to do a screen capture, then create a new ShowMe inserting the screen image and enlarging it to fill the space. Then they started their recording again. Certainly not ideal.
  • There is not an option to type text. We had previously used PicCollage, so some students typed items there, saved to the photo roll on the iPad then used the “Choose Photo” option to insert.
  • Multiple projects cannot happen at once. You cannot save a project in different versions as you can only record once. One ShowMe must be completed entirely – from images to writing to recording – before you can make another.

“Cool” Moments:

  • A student didn’t like her plain white background and figured out a way to change the color of her screen. Then she shared what she learned with her classmates.
  • With former PicCollage experience, students combined the technology of different apps to create their project.

I look forward to finding more ways to incorporate ShowMe into my instruction.




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    I value the post.Thanks Again. Awesome. bfeackgkffcg

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