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Ecology Center Scavenger Hunt with iPads

October 5, 2012


Why brainstorm environmental factors when you can get out to the Ecology Center and capture images? Our 8th grade Ag and 7h grade Ag environmental science units have started and I used a scavenger hunt with iPads to capture the items as an interest approach to the unit. Teaching over the next few weeks will involve connecting back to the photos and have a culminating project that ties those photos they took in the beginning to the key ideas we learn. I am hoping with works as well in reality as I envision it.

I was VERY nervous about today. A 70% chance of rain was predicted. I brought out shopping bags in case we needed a quick iPad collect. There is a pond out there. Of course, it’s nature so there are plenty of messy things. It worked though! No dropped iPads. No rain while we were out. Students holding iPads at all sorts of angles to catch items, collaborating with each other on the hunt, learning how to zoom, and going beyond the list with the interesting items they were finding. I even had a student use the video feature and sing “Into the Woods” as she was walking the trail.


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