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Sharing Tech Knowledge at Fall Conference

September 29, 2012


While not 100% an iPad based blog post, this one is about technology in the classroom. Today, my colleague Tiffany Morey and I presented a workshop at the New Jersey Fall Agricultural Education Conference called “Beyond Paper and PowerPoints.” As I drove to the conference, I reflected on when I was the “high tech” teacher in my district in the late 90’s and was using a 3.5″ floppy disk to transport my presentation on how to use PowerPoint in the classroom.

Today, Tiffany and I shared several Web 2.0 tools teachers can use. Links to some of the tools and apps we discussed as well as some of the presentations we created for the workshop are available at paper (This WordFoto created image has Tiffany presenting and some of the tools we shared about mentioned.)

Throughout the day, I used my iPad to take pictures when I thought of it and when I got home (That’s where I had wifi access. Can you imagine the “Communication Building” on a college campus not having it?) pulled some of the shots into a quick Animoto of the conference since it was a tool we shared today.

What technology tools are go to items in your repertoire?


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