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What is Ag via PicCollage with Animoto Share

September 27, 2012

I think my students enjoyed class as much as I did today and that’s always a good thing. So everyone got the same instruction on how to use the iPad PicCollage app, I created a guide using ExplainEverything. It was the first time I used it to create a lesson and I was whipping it up before school started, so it comes with awkward pauses. Check it out at

Then students got to work on creating a PicCollage to share a fact they learned. As they finished, I took a photo of their creation (They saved them to the camera roll on the iPad as well). As students worked, I used the Animoto app (It’s really for iPhones) to add their pictures. By the time the last student was done, I was able to hit create and produce a video. While the video was getting created, I wrapped up class and had a few students verbally share their facts. By that time, their work was ready to show.

What did the finished product look like?
*2nd Period Class-

*8th Period Class – (By the way, when you don’t preview in the interest of time so you can get a finished product shared with the students, you end up with a few shots sideways.)


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