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iPads for CASE AFNR 1.2.1 Part 1 Trivia Time

September 25, 2012


With iPad orientation behind us, it’s time to integrate the machines with classroom instruction. Today, one of the activities my CASE AFNR students were tasked with was working with a partner to create a presentation of some sort that shared information on one of 5 topics: FFA Basics, FFA History, FFA membership, SAE or POA. I gave them the options of GoogleDocs, ShowMe or PicCollage. No one chose show me and just one went for GoogleDocs. The others tried their hand with PicCollage. It had some limits, by one group even figured out how to take and crop photos to share their information.

It was a good way to get them using some of the apps without being 100% concerned at this point about how it looks. When done, most teams got instructions from me for how to upload their PicCollage image to their Edmodo library and then share with the class group. Running out of time, I had to post for a group so they wouldn’t be late.

GoogleDocs was a challenge to share from the iPad. The link didn’t want to copy so I had the student add me as a collaborator on the document. Then I was able to go to my desktop, access the GoogleDoc and share the link with the Edmodo AFNR group.

With group created content posted on Edmodo, students can now explore those topics at their leisure.


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