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WordFoto to Share Teach Ag

June 29, 2012

Today, I finally took a pause to read the June 23 blog by Daniel Edwards, or as he is known in the twitterverse @syded06, entitled “A Day in the Life of an Ipad Student.”  I read through thinking: “Use that daily (Edmodo); Use that less than I should (Dropbox); Played that (Angry Birds), Not coordinated enough for that (Temple Run); Do that;  Oh, there’s an idea;” etc. Then, I hit something that intrigued me – WordFoto.  The reality was that at $1.99, I couldn’t justify quite yet doing a request to my administration to pay for the app on my teacher Ipad, but I could get it and play with it this summer on my Iphone.


My timing was perfect for finding a fun photo app because today happened to be a Thursday, more specifically, a #TeachAg Tweet Thursday. In the May/June NAAE News and Views, the “Teach Ag Campaign Update” challenged Ag Educators to use Thursdays to tweet encouraging statements about being an Agriculture Teacher.  One of the challenges I gave myself this summer was finding technology tools I could “play” with to incorporate into my Teach Ag tweets which ultimately have potential for inclusion in classroom instruction and activities in the fall.


I pulled up a photo of three agricultural education colleagues and I, uploaded it to WordFoto and started to play. I had no idea what I was doing, but learned I could crop, change fonts, change colors, adjust edges and brightness, and create unique effects with words in a picture.  That was all within ten minutes of toying with the app. The results are below.



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