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Apple TV and Paper by FiftyThree

April 28, 2012

With state mandated testing finally completed, I had the chance to use my recently installed Apple TV with my students yesterday.  Thank goodness for tech savvy 7th graders as in the week that had passed from installation to use, I had forgotten how to make the connection between my Ipad and the Apple TV box. I had to bring the Ipad over to one of my students who showed me how to scroll over to the option and selected mirroring.

Traditionally, I start each new unit by having students brainstorm what comes to mind when they hear the topic of the unit. This had been done on the Smartboard with one student writing and the others sharing answers. We save the page and revisit it at the end of the unit to see how our thoughts have changed, what we might add or what really doesn’t belong. With Apple TV and Paper by FiftyThree, I was able to add a new twist to this brainstorming process. After I briefly demonstrated how to change pen colors and erase if needed, the Ipad was passed from student to student up and down the rows. Each student added their thought. I actually found students to be more engaged than when we used the SmartBoard because as students were writing their word, their classmates were trying to guess what it was as the letters were projected to the screen through Apple TV. They also seemed to be a little more in tune to words that had already been posted, letting each other know if there was a repeat, then erasing and putting a fresh idea up. If a page filled up, we simply turned to the next page and added more ideas there.Some of my students were disappointed to find that with the free app of Paper you were limited to one writing tool style.


With my larger classes, each student only had the chance to write one word. In my smallest class, after the Ipad had circulated once around the room, a student asked “Can we do it again?” So, the Ipad made another round, this time to volunteers. As we wrapped up the brainstorm session, one of my students asked “When will we be doing other things like this? That was fun!”

What about the students who missed class yesterday? How will they know our brainstorming results? Paper FiftyThree allows the user to capture each sketch page on your camera roll. I captured the pages from each class, pulled them together in PicCollage and used a photo or two from our Ecology Center exploration to accent the page, and then shared to the class on Edmodo.


I look forward to seeing how my use of Apple TV continues to enhance what I am doing in the classroom.



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