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Preparing for Agricultural Career Success with CEV Apps

April 20, 2012

Today the New Jersey FFA Association Career Development Spring Events, including Floriculture and Environmental and Natural Resources, were held at Rutgers University. Both of these events have ID apps associated with them prepared by CEV. Students used the apps prior to the event to prepare, but it was great to see that with Ipads, the resources were even in their hands for “last minute” cramming.

The apps provide:

  • A glossary that students can scroll through to find items they are unfamiliar with. For Wildlife lists can be sorted by name or by category. In Floral, glossary items can be sorted by common or scientific names.
  • Flashcards with specimens on one side and names on the other. There is an audio feature on each flashcard as well.
  • Practice quizzes with 10 identification questions.
    • Each question provides only 4 choices for possible replies to help students focus on identifying the specimen.
    •  Feedback as to whether or not the answer is correct is provided immediately.
    • At the end, any wrong answers can be clicked on bringing students back to the specimens and allow them to see the flashcard with the correct identification.

Although this is an amazing app, there are a few features I wish it had to help streamline studying more. These include:

  • Option for students to create click on items they are struggling to identify and create an “I need to study” list of items
  • Wrong answers on the practice quizzes getting sorted into a “You might want to review” list

PS – The Floriculture team took first place in today’s event and has qualified to represent the state at the National FFA Convention in October.


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