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It’s ex-Zite-ing

April 5, 2012


For the past week I have been getting acquainted with Zite. Although I had read several posts (Twitter and blogs) about how people were using it and enjoying it, I was holding back on getting another app that served as a news conglomerator since I already had Flipboard. However, I posed the question to Twitter “Which should I go with as a news compiler on the iPad – Zite or Flipboard – and why?” One of my replies was “both -Zite professionally and Flipboard – socially.” So, based on the advice of the virtual professional learning community I have built, Zite joined my app list.

What a great tool it is. I can curate content I am interested in by customizing my sections. Articles that hold my interest earn thumbs up and I get more like them. Since I require students to write a monthly agricultural article review for homework, I can share via twitter #agarticle topics that might appeal to them. I scan articles during my lunch hour and can save ones I want to thoroughly revisit to ReadItLater.

I am still exploring the full benefits of it, but this newest tool in my life long learning adventure is certainly ex-Zite-ing.

(note: Image created using screenshots from IPad and picCollage app)


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