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Putting “MockingJay” in a Student’s Hands (Kobo App)

April 2, 2012

I guess I was a little late to jump on the “Hunger Games” bandwagon. I hadn’t paid much attention to the series until the movie came out and Middle School female chatter turned to discussion of it. Our Battle of The Books Club took a field trip to see the movie on opening day. Talk of it permeated my classroom. In summarizing our plant science unit with a Plant Synthesis Diagram, a student chose to name her plant the ‘Hungry Mockingjay Plant.’ How could I not get swept into the fervor?

As a frugal educator, I wanted to get my hands on the books quickly and inexpensively. That is where one of my colleagues came in handy to provide discount codes to get the books for my Kobo reader. Oh, wait! I don’t own a Kobo reader. Not a problem. There’s an app for that. So, the Ipad I am piloting got the Kobo reader and the first books downloaded were the “Hunger Games” series. Sure, that’s exciting, but not as cool as the rest of the story.

Friday, my students took their plant science unit quiz. If they finished before their classmates, they could read or work on other homework. One of my avid “Hunger Games” discussers was quite disappointed by this news as she had just finished “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay” was at home.  She did finish her quiz early and I walked my Ipad over to her, opened Kobo to “Mockingjay” and told her she could read it from there. She was elated! With five minutes of class left and everyone done, I told students they could talk quietly, She was engrossed in the book, reading, and shooing others away with “Sh! I am in my zone! Let me read!”

As class ended and she left, she thanked me. That is a reward of teaching – seeing a student’s passion for reading and helping them run with the passion. Thanks Kobo!


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