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Using IPad while prepping for Teach Ag events

March 7, 2012


Today I got to toy with the iPad while working with future agriculture teachers as they prepare for a Teach Ag event for National Agriculture Day. Luckily the facility we were preparing in had wifi.
Today’s Helpful Tools:
A. Email – It let me know the confirmed meeting room plus check in at work
2. The camera partnered with Adobe Photoshop Express, Dyptic Frames and Pic Collage- Allowed me to photograph events of the day and share to Twitter what was going on during the planning process
3. The Notes feature: As the team I was mentoring presenting, I was able to jot down feedback and thoughts. Then, as other mentors provided comments at the end, I recorded them as well. When training was done, I emailed notes to the team.
4. Edmodo – to see if my students had any questions or concerns

What I wish I had:
– a free expense report tracker for business trips (I found & tried 3 but the free versions are way to limited)

The journey continues.


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