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Adoption Day

February 15, 2012


I am typing his entry from my district issued iPad and realizing I need to practice my touch screen typing skills. Today was the day the initial teacher pilots received their iPads so we have time to “play” with them before the whole set roles out and we need to act in trainer mode. Although some features are similar to my iPhone, there are others that will take a little getting used to.

When our IT guy arrived with my iPad he had already set up my email. The process for how the password for the iTunes account will be distributed is being fine tuned as there will be a department syncing station. Before he left, I asked him to enter the password and download the Edmodo app for me. He did plus told me I had a little time with that password to download free apps I might want to access in the next week. Thank goodness I had been reading and exploring so I was ready to download a few.

I put the iPad to use almost immediately using it as the tool to access PowerSchool and take my attendance on as I walked around the room. The first photo I took was of a student’s landscape project she was working on in the computer lab. During my prep I sorted the apps I had gotten into the appropriate folder based on content – Animal Science, Plant Science, Ag News, News, environmental science, etc. – then used the notepad to prep a list of the apps I had gotten and emailed it to my director. My afternoon classes were in the media center and while my colleague presented concepts to them, I was able to scan through some submissions my 7th graders had posted on Edmodo.

Sure, today’s uses were fairly simple but I knew I had to bond with my machine right away. I know it will be a sharp learning curve but look forward to the adventure.


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